5 "FOR" the use of gypsum profile lamps
MULTIFUNCTIONALITY. Want to change the perception of the room? give it extra volume or space? to divide the interior into zones or emphasize its advantages? Your manager in TM Promin will carefully select the optimal model of profile lamp for you and your task!
EASY TO INSTALL. Gypsum profile lamps differ in the simplicity of installation in gypsum cardboard. Allows you to create a variety of geometric shapes and sections or divide the ceiling into segments.
FEATURE. The use of profile lamps in your interior automatically turns it into an individual project. The originality of lighting is limited only by the imagination of our customers. VERSATILITY. Gypsum profile lamps are universal, so they fit harmoniously into any design: from classic to modern minimalist interiors. UNIQUENESS. You can choose the color of the backlight not only from the standard color shades (warm, neutral, cold), but also saturated bright colors - one or many!

Lighting in a room with low ceilings
If you do not have a designer who could help solve the problem of lighting in a room with a low ceiling, TM Promin will tell you how to add space above your head at least visually. There are several main factors that significantly affect the lighting of a room. TM Promin has identified 3 main ones for you, which are basic when choosing it:
the light should be directed upwards and reflected from the ceiling surface as much as possible. However, the traditional hanging model of the chandelier is not suitable. It takes up a lot of space and will not illuminate the room properly. It is necessary to choose a model that will be as close as possible to the plane of the floor with several lamps or lampshades.
The best option for low ceilings - a ceiling chandelier with several or one large flat ceiling, which is attached directly to the ceiling and without suspension; - the best lighting option for rooms with low floors - combined. Especially well suited profile lighting, which can be mounted around the perimeter of the ceiling. This option in itself can serve as lighting, and in combination with the main lamp gives an excellent effect; - use recessed spotlights.
This way the lighting of the room will be even. You can use these elements as an additional and basic option. Many point elements replace a chandelier and give enough light for a complete feeling of comfort.
The process of mounting a profile lamp
The profile luminaire is installed in several stages, which are listed below in this article. It should be emphasized that profile luminaires are mounted only in drywall. 1. Mount the profile lamp on pre-laid CD profiles. At the same time we provide necessary distance between them depending on model of the lamp. We put glue or putty on a place of face connection and if necessary - on connection with a ceiling and we mount the following element, joining it with the previous.
2. Fix the profile lamp with self-tapping screws in the appropriate holes.
3. Fill the joining groove with plasterboard joining glue and glue the glass canvas to the appropriate prepared areas. TM Promin has specially developed a board on both sides of the profile lamp for its most convenient connection with the ceiling.
4. Putty and ensure equality in the relevant areas, apply primer for even distribution of paint and paint the ceiling accordingly. After the described processes of mounting of the profile lamp we equip it with an LED tape.
Gypsum lamp is resistant to moisture: myth or truth
When choosing gypsum lamps for the bathroom, the question arises as to how resistant they are to moisture. Few believe it is real! And the plaster lamp will not spoil in a short time. TM Promin wants to dispel this myth and prove that gypsum and moisture can coexist.
You need to know that gypsum is a hygroscopic material. It absorbs excess moisture from the air, and when the room becomes too dry, gives it back. Thus, gypsum is a regulator of the microclimate. At the same time gypsum does not collapse, cracks do not appear on it, provided that significant temperature differences are not observed. So we have some tips for you:
- Only use a moisture-proof LED strip as a light source for profile luminaires. - Equip spotlights with lamps with degree of protection IP65. - After installation, paint the product together with the ceiling surface.

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