About the company
Promin is a Ukrainian company that started its activities in 2015.
Specializes in the production of overhead, compact and recessed luminaires made of premium gypsum. We offer models that differ in size, type of mounting, planting depth and light scattering angle. All luminaires are made according to the author's design at our own production in Kyiv. Our gypsum spotlights are universal, so they adapt well to any design: from classic to Scandinavian minimalism.
Thanks to what they can be used, both for registration of inhabited, and working or public spaces
Sophisticated recessed Promin luminaires open up new possibilities for designers and architects
Simple geometric and charming smooth shapes of Promin overhead lamps perfectly repeat a series of VS-built-in
Small models harmoniously complement the series of VS-built-in luminaires
Profile lighting is an incredibly powerful tool for every artist
Double luminaires are an excellent opportunity to install several LED lamps in them
Profile radial luminaire that extends the boundaries of linear lighting systems without angles and straight lines - only a single integral light circle
A series of stair lamps allows not only to illuminate the stairs, but also to create a unique interior of the room
An extraordinary and bold solution for decorating the ceiling
Неординарне та сміливе рішення для оформлення стелі
Gypsum stucco to create a fabulous interior
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