RING-radius series
The RING model is a profile radial luminaire that expands the boundaries of linear lighting systems. No angles and straight lines! Only a single integral circle of light. Thanks to a carefully thought-out design, the light source hidden from the eyes provides the room with bright lighting, while creating a feeling of comfortable visual perception.
Zoning of the room, decorative and functional structures, creation of individual space, unique interior - this is the scope of profile radial luminaire RING in modern interiors.
Type: built-in profile radius
Recommended light source: LED strip
Material: Gypsum
Color: white
MODELS of the RING-radial series
Overall dimensions:
600 * 600 * 53 mm
Diameter of a light board:
300 mm
Overall dimensions:
740*740*53 mm
Diameter of a light board:
660 mm
Overall dimensions:
1060*1060*53 mm
Diameter of a light board:
880 mm
Overall dimensions:
1280*1280*53 mm
Diameter of a light board:
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